Wine List

% Volumes may change according to availability.
Wines on this list may contain sulphites, egg or milk products.


White Wine


Bottle 125ml 175ml 250ml

Pinot Grigio, Laroma, Botter     Venezie, Italy
Fresh, dry and delicate with gentle floral and citrus aromas.
A classic Italian shite wine.  (2) 12% vol

£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Sauvignon Blanc, Estampilla de Genio, 
Central Valley, Chile

Straightforward and easy drinking with plenty of ripe fruits.
(1) 12.5% vol

£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Chardonnay-Semillon, Stringy Bark Creek    South East Australia
A delicious Chardonnay lend with notes of melon and zesty freshness on the finish.   (2) 13% vol

£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Rioja Blanco, Azabache    Spain
Intensely fruity, with citrus and apple aromas.  Smooth and balanced, refreshing on
its own or an ideal accompaniment to seafood.  (1) 12% vol


Viognier, Lion Ridge    Swartland, South Africa

This unwooded style of Viognier offers a dry but fruity style. The
floral bouquet greets the nose and follows through with lovely
tropical flavours on a lingering palate. (2) 13.5% vol


Sauvignon Blanc, Taworri    Marlborough, New Zealand

Benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with all the classic
notes this style of wine is famed for - crisp zesty character,
gooseberry fruit, grassy notes and utterly delicious. (2) 12.5% vol


Red Wine

  Bottle 125ml 175ml 250ml

Merlot, Urmeneta
     Central Valley, Chile

Medium bodied, soft tannins, with black fruit and sweet vanilla
flavours. (B) 13% vol


£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Shiraz-Malbec, Avanti, Bodegas Borbore
      San Juan, Argentina

Richly coloured and scented it is an easy-drinking blend. With
Shiraz taking centre stage to give a smoky, spicy palate supported
by a firm Malbec grip. (B) 13% vol


£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Pinot Noir, Rue des Amis     Languedoc, France

Exceptionally smooth with soft tannins, red fruit aromas and cherry         
flavours.  A lighter red and very food friendly.  (B) 12.5% vol



Finca Mónica Rioja      Spain

Classic Rioja with ripe fruit and elegant oak character. Smooth
and tasty wine, sweet tannins and long finish. (C) 13.5% vol



Cabernet Sauvignon, Rumours   South East Australia

Bright cassis and blackcurrant fruit with underlying chocolate vanilla oak tones which carry through to the palate then burst with ripe fruit sweetness on the finish.  (C)  13.5% vol



Montepluciano d'Abruzzo Riserva, Tor del Colle, Botter   Abruzzo, Italy

Intense and concentrated on the nose with cherry flavours and notes of blackberries and
liquorice.  Dry and herbaceous on the palate, rounded and mouth-filling.  (C) 13.5% vol



Waqi Malbec    Mendoza, Argentina

Bright red with plums, cherries, sweet spice, good acidity & sweet tannins.  Thrives with a
grilled steak and a great accompaniment for pizza and pasta.  (C) 12.5% vol




Rosé Wine

  Bottle 125ml 175ml 250ml

Zinfandel Rosé, Falling Petal    California, USA
Medium sweet rosé, displaying classic strawberry fruit flavours.  (4)  10.5% vol

£14.95 £3.25 £4.25 £5.25

Sparkling Wine

                 Bottle 20cl

Prosecco Spumante, Tenuta Ca’Bolani     Italy
Pale straw-yellow and a fine, clear mousse with delicate bubbles.
Exuberantly fruity and aromatic, with appley notes. Well-balanced
and easy-drinking with the delicate almond note typical
of the grape variety. (1) 11% vol

    £21.50 £6.00

White & Rosé: 1 (dry) – 9 (sweet)
Red: A (soft light) – E (full bodied)

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St Austell Brewery Co. Ltd., Cornwall