The Nags Head - Main Menu

We do not provide fast food, we produce top quality home-made food that may take a little while longer to prepare but we are sure that you will agree that it is worth the wait.
All our products are sourced as locally as possible - FJ Scriven & Sons of Langport supply all our meat products and our ice cream comes from Granny Gothard’s.


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Side Dishes


Soup of the Day


Garlic Ciabatta

Homemade Chicken Liver & Bacon Pate £4.95     Garlic & Cheese Ciabatta £3.25  
Breaded Mushrooms and garlic mayo £4.95     Large bowl of Chips £2.50  
Prawn Cocktail £6.25     Cheesy Chips £3.00  
Breaded Whitebait £5.95 £9.95    Crusty Bread £2.00  

Baked Goats Cheese & Red Onion Bruschetta

£5.95 £9.95    Beer battered Onion Rings £2.50  





Homemade Beef Lasagna served with chips and salad

£8.95     Cheddar, Ham, Brie or Stilton (or choice of two) £8.95  

Home cooked Ham, Egg and chips

£8.95     served with crusty bread, salad, homemade chutneys and an apple     
Whole-tail Scampi with chips and peas  £8.95          

Beer battered Cod with chips and peas


Jacket Potatoes


Chilli con Carne served with rice and salad

£9.95     Available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes only    



      Cheese or Beans



Chicken Dish of the Day

£9.95     Cheese AND Beans  £5.95  
Pie of the Day  £9.95     Tuna Mayo £5.95  
Nut Roast with a red wine and red currant gravy  £9.95     Prawns & sweet chilli Marie Rose sauce £6.95  
Gammon Steak with egg or pineapple (or both), chips and salad   £10.95    


        Each extra filling £1.25  




Served in a brioche bun with cheddar, chips and salad       Available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes only    


£8.95     Cheese and red onion relish £5.95   

Beef, Chorizo & Tomato


Tuna Mayo

Veggie (without cheese) £9.95    

Ham, salad & Mustard Mayo


Prawns & sweet chilli Marie Rose sauce




Bacon, Brie and Cranberry

10oz Rump Steak £15.95     Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Mayo £6.95  
10oz Sirloin Steak  £16.95     Steak, mushrooms & onions in a creamy pepper sauce             £7.50   
Rump and Sirloin steaks served with tomatoes, onion rings, mushrooms, chips and salad            
 Whisky & Stilton or a Peppercorn sauce  £2.00