The Best Winter Wines to Enjoy this February

Posted by admin on February 1, 2017

It’s a crisp winters evening and you fancy a nice glass of wine by the fire, but which one is best suited to the cold season?  That full bodied white viognier, a pinot Gris or even a Bordeaux? Don’t worry if you’re unsure, we have all the tips for making that frosty evening even better with the perfect glass (or bottle) of wine!

wine.jpgWhite Wines


These wines provide a full bodied yet crisp taste, perfect for those cold and damp winter evenings. This highly popular wine has been enjoyed for decades and goes great with shellfish dishes, so if you have ordered scampi or the traditional fish and chips, a chardonnay is a great accompanying beverage! The perfect choice for warming your cockles this February!


These wines are packed with flavours and are heavily perfumed; they have just the right amount of spice to be matched perfectly with spicy dishes – something to warm you up over the winter months! Flavoured with lychees and flowers, this aromatic wine is a great combination of sweet and spice.

Pinot Blanc

With rich apple aromas and a full bodied flavour, a pinot Blanc will go great with a stew or just as a standalone drink for those crisp, cold nights. Often referred to as chardonnays understudy, it has good acidity and is a great partner to get you through the cold evenings.

Red Wines


A well-known winter classic, Claret wines are not only fragrant and ripe, but they also go great with most meats from turkey to beef. So if you are having a roast dinner or a more hefty meal, this will be a great match and serve to keep you warm and full!

Pinot Noir

If you prefer something more light bodied, a pinot noir is the way to go. Pinot noirs are smooth and silky, a great way to relax after a hectic day in the office. They are a versatile pairing to most meal options and will stay fresh and taste great all through the winter.


This is a well-balanced wine with plenty of fruits and a hint of spice. With its sweet oak flavour and fresh acidity, it’s a great choice for drinking in front of an open fire or cosied up under a blanket. A Shiraz will accompany your beef wellington or lamb dishes brilliantly throughout the colder months.

We stock all of these great wines here at The Nags Head so if it’s cold out and you’re looking for somewhere to warm up and enjoy a relaxing evening, look no further! Head down to our Taunton based tavern for a crisp chardonnay or a smooth pinot noir. Or if you want to find out more, get in touch via our contact page here.